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Above: Jinky receives his Celtics Greatest Ever Player award, voted by the fans

Keep this going and make a movie about the team!!

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In the Estádio Nacional stadium in Portugal, Glasgow Celtic footballer Jimmy 'Jinky' Johnstone, is filming 'Lord of the Wing', a documentary film about the incredible events of his life. Jinky was their greatest player ever and certainly Scotland’s best entertainer on the football pitch.

Jinky is talking to Jeff Healey, producer. He is saying he wished all the bhoys could be there with him as he only accepted his legendry status "as being part of that team" and not as an individual. He always saw the documentary being about the Lions and not him... that was Jinky!

At the premier in Glasgow they continued the conversation, Jeff asked him what he wanted to do next he replied: "Keep this going and make a movie about the team!!" The next person to encourage Jeff to make the Lions film was Sir Alex Ferguson.

A significant amount of money has already been raised by Jeff selling Fabergé Eggs commissioned for Jinky and the Motor Neurone Trust. The statuettes were launched at the House of Commons in 2006 by Sarah and Martin O'Neill in front of many celebrities, Lords, Ladies and politicians.

The film project will continue to donate to the Jimmy Johnstone Trust and the Motor Neurone Trust and will ensure surviving Lions and families also benefit. James Johnstone, son of Jinky, is part of this film project.

It is widely accepted by those closest to him, filming the 'Lord of the Wing' gave Jinky several more years before he was finally taken by Motor Neurone disease in March 2006

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