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Above: The Celtic Park Victory Parade

From the moment the final whistle blew, they were immortalised as the Lisbon

The Film

This film is about the journey of these incredibly passionate, gifted and charismatic footballers, and what they, the team, and this one game meant to the working class communities of Glasgow.

In 1967 Glasgow Football club Celtic beat Inter Milan to win the European Cup against massive odds, a first for a British club. Astonishingly the entire team had grown-up within thirty miles of the club, in fact only two lived outside a five mile radius. Together they had gone from jackets for goalposts at the local park to become the greatest football club in the world.

From the moment the final whistle blew, they were immortalised as the Lisbon Lions.

This is the story about the journey the Celtic supporters made, from the moment they knew their team was in the final, to the aftershock of the return home. Making this trip was as spectacular as the sporting triumph. Some stayed after the game and are still living in Lisbon, some sobered up in Glasgow airport realising they had driven to Portugal; their cars are still being used as taxis to this day.

Underlying this is the fantastic feat of the football team, illustrated by the character of the players, their lives intertwined freely within the Glasgow communities. They were the last working class heroes, at the end of the game they didn't rush to the ecstatic crowd; they ran to the goalkeeper to retrieve their false teeth from his cap.

The approach is to produce a film that is honest to the story yet can appeal to people who have no idea who or what Celtic Football Club is, the main point being the human issues and the fairytale ending. The movie will make the audience laugh and cry and be proud to be part of the same Human Race as the characters they have shared their time with on screen.

The tone is one of the little guy makes good against the odds with the added dimension of this being a true story. The style will be that of gritty reality as befits the period that the action takes place in, an era of sectarianism, social transformation and global revolution, all underscored by the sexiest decade in history.

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